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GT8 Torch Napoleon Torch Parts

Part # Name / Description Price Qty
W010-1736 Napoleon W010-1736 Door Latch Assembly $58.40
W010-1737 Napoleon W010-1737 Door W/Glass & Gasket $309.97
W010-1738 Napoleon W010-1738 Door Frame $85.80
W010-1743 Napoleon W010-1743 Door Glass C/W Gasket $219.57
W100-0104 Napoleon W100-0104 Burner $70.04
W175-0270 Napoleon W175-0270 Conversion Kit Ng To Lp $34.52
W175-0274 Napoleon W175-0274 Conversion Kit Lp To Ng $34.52
W190-0026 Napoleon W190-0026 Control Module $171.45
W200-0233 Napoleon W200-0233 Burner Cover $19.31
W200-0234 Napoleon W200-0234 Ignitor Cover Porcelain $63.04
W290-0123 Napoleon W290-0123 Exhaust Gasket $9.64
W290-0125 Napoleon W290-0125 Burner Gasket $19.28
W300-0088 Napoleon W300-0088 Door Glass $282.19
W300-0108 Napoleon W300-0108 Glass Crushed Black Goes Around Burner Base $51.30
W357-0006 Napoleon W357-0006 Ignitor $49.83
W385-0334 Napoleon W385-0334 Logo Napoleon $15.21
W415-0619 Napoleon W415-0619 Instruction Manual $25.50
W455-0085 Napoleon W455-0085 Orifice Main Burner 56 Ng $18.07
W455-0086 Napoleon W455-0086 Orifice Main Burner 69 Lp $18.07
W470-0024 Napoleon W470-0024 Paint Touch Up Torch Frame Red $52.55
W470-0025 Napoleon W470-0025 Paint Touch Up Torch Frame White $52.55
W470-0026 Napoleon W470-0026 Paint Touch Up Torch Frame Silver $52.55
W470-0027 Napoleon W470-0027 Paint Touch Up Torch Frame Blue $52.55
W475-0522 Napoleon W475-0522 Back Panel $346.50
W500-0358 Napoleon W500-0358 Firestop Spacer $28.05
W562-0008 Napoleon W562-0008 Door Gasket $53.44
W562-0046 Napoleon W562-0046 Back Panel Gasket Rope $18.87
W660-0009 Napoleon W660-0009 Switch On/Off Rocker $22.82
W707-0006 Napoleon W707-0006 Night Light Transformer 12Vac $61.06
W725-0052 Napoleon W725-0052 Gas Valve Dsi Natural $175.95
W725-0053 Napoleon W725-0053 Gas Valve Dsi Propane $175.95
W750-0183 Napoleon W750-0183 Wire Harness $53.44
W750-0184 Napoleon W750-0184 Ignition Cable $31.84