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GDS26 Castlemore Napoleon Stove Parts

Part # Name / Description Price Qty
209M Napoleon 209M Stove Bright Paint Metallic Black 12 Oz $29.72
GL-662 Napoleon Gl-662 Complete Log Set 2008 $199.30
KB-35 Napoleon Kb-35 Variable Speed Switch $49.59
W010-0968 Napoleon W010-0968 4" Reversible Flue Collar Assembly $58.50
W010-0969 Napoleon W010-0969 7" Plate/Collar $55.40
W010-1633 Napoleon W010-1633 Door Frame Only $76.44
W010-1640 Napoleon W010-1640 Door Frame Black W/Glass & Gasket $379.32
W010-1649 Napoleon W010-1649 Latch Door $134.47
W010-1653 Napoleon W010-1653 Burner Assembly Pan Ng/Lp $131.63
W010-1749 Napoleon W010-1749 Glass W/Gasket $315.00
W062-0024 Napoleon W062-0024 Blower $170.10
W080-0886 Napoleon W080-0886 Bracket Heat Sensor $21.45
W100-0069 Napoleon W100-0069 Pilot Assembly Pse Ng $80.44
W100-0093 Napoleon W100-0093 Pilot Assembly Pse Lp $80.44
W135-0177 Napoleon W135-0177 Log 1 Rear $80.44
W135-0178 Napoleon W135-0178 Log 2 Left Crossover $80.44
W135-0180 Napoleon W135-0180 Log 3 Centre $80.44
W135-0181 Napoleon W135-0181 Log 4 Right Crossover $80.44
W135-0291 Napoleon W135-0291 Cast Side $236.25
W135-0291WI Napoleon W135-0291Wi Cast Side Wrought Iron Finish $187.20
W135-0292 Napoleon W135-0292 Cast Front $277.69
W135-0292WI Napoleon W135-0292Wi Cast Front Wrought Iron Finish $223.13
W135-0293 Napoleon W135-0293 Cast Top $257.02
W135-0293WI Napoleon W135-0293Wi Cast Top Wrought Iron Finish $236.25
W135-0294 Napoleon W135-0294 Cast Control Door $93.33
W135-0294WI Napoleon W135-0294Wi Cast Control Door Wrought Iron Finish $124.80
W135-0295 Napoleon W135-0295 Cast Base $205.88
W135-0295WI Napoleon W135-0295Wi Cast Base Wrought Iron Finish $124.80
W175-0266 Napoleon W175-0266 Conversion Kit Ng To Lp $60.00
W175-0267 Napoleon W175-0267 Conversion Kit Lp To Ng $34.52
W190-0015 Napoleon W190-0015 Control Module Electonic Ignition REPLACED BY W190-0022 $125.85
W190-0021 Napoleon W190-0021 Control Relay REPLACED BY W190-0044 & W750-0250 $51.30
W290-0054 Napoleon W290-0054 Gasket 7" Plates $22.76
W290-0056 Napoleon W290-0056 4" Flange Gasket $20.28
W290-0129 Napoleon W290-0129 Vibration Pad $24.64
W350-0342 Napoleon W350-0342 Battery Housing Electronic Ignition $46.70
W361-0014 Napoleon W361-0014 Vermiculite $7.61
W361-0016 Napoleon W361-0016 Glowing Embers $20.28
W380-0002 Napoleon W380-0002 Knob $5.07
W380-0021 Napoleon W380-0021 Knob Extension Dexen Hi/Low $12.68
W385-0334 Napoleon W385-0334 Logo Napoleon $15.21
W387-0009 Napoleon W387-0009 Bulb 5W Light Assembly $32.07
W387-0010 Napoleon W387-0010 High Temperature Light Assembly $58.65
W415-0607 Napoleon W415-0607 Instruction Manual Gds26 Castlemore $25.50
W430-0013 Napoleon W430-0013 Magnetic Catch $33.96
W455-0049 Napoleon W455-0049 Orifice Pilot Injector Pse Ng $17.75
W455-0071 Napoleon W455-0071 Orifice Pilot Injector Pse Lp $17.75
W455-0087 Napoleon W455-0087 Orifice Burner 52 Ng $17.85
W455-0088 Napoleon W455-0088 Orifice Burner 60 Lp $17.85
W470-0017A Napoleon W470-0017A Touch Up Spray Paint Wrought Iron $25.00
W470-0019 Napoleon W470-0019 Porcelain Touch Up Summer Moss $46.70
W470-0020 Napoleon W470-0020 Porcelain Touch Up Majolica Brown $46.70
W470-0021 Napoleon W470-0021 Porcelain Touch Up Winter Frost $46.64
W475-0518 Napoleon W475-0518 Rear Fibre Panel $60.38
W475-0519 Napoleon W475-0519 Right Side Fibre Panel $60.38
W475-0520 Napoleon W475-0520 Left Side Fibre Panel $60.38
W475-0521 Napoleon W475-0521 Front Left Or Right Fibre Panel $65.55
W475-0556 Napoleon W475-0556 Baffle Fibre $63.83
W500-0149 Napoleon W500-0149 7" Top Cover Plate $38.21
W500-0171 Napoleon W500-0171 4" Cover Plate $31.84
W500-0355 Napoleon W500-0355 Restrictor Plate $30.60
W500-0360 Napoleon W500-0360 Bracket Blower $26.83
W550-0001 Napoleon W550-0001 Embers Charcoal Phazer $38.21
W562-0025 Napoleon W562-0025 Gasket $53.44
W660-0009 Napoleon W660-0009 Switch On/Off Rocker $22.82
W690-0002 Napoleon W690-0002 Heat Sensor Blower $47.88
W707-0005 Napoleon W707-0005 Transformer Electronic Ignition $63.47
W720-0092 Napoleon W720-0092 Pilot Tube Pse $22.82
W725-0032 Napoleon W725-0032 Valve Dexen Ng $202.20
W725-0041 Napoleon W725-0041 Ball Shut Off Valve $53.07
W725-0049 Napoleon W725-0049 Valve Dexen Lp $202.20
W750-0074 Napoleon W750-0074 Wire Harness Assembly $66.89
W750-0168 Napoleon W750-0168 Wire Harness Electronic Ignition $62.10
W750-0185 Napoleon W750-0185 Light Wiring Harness $46.76