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EPA1100 Napoleon Stove Parts

Part # Name / Description Price Qty
EP-11MS Napoleon Ep-11Ms Manifold Tube Shield Gasket Sold Separately Number W290-0011 $47.88
EP-230G Napoleon Ep-230G Trivet Gold $56.96
EP-230K Napoleon Ep-230K Trivet Black $42.75
W010-0226 Napoleon W010-0226 Pedestal Porcelain Enamel $117.59
W010-0243 Napoleon W010-0243 Ash Pan W/Lid $146.25
W010-0347 Napoleon W010-0347 Airwash Gasket & Shield $58.67
W010-0349 Napoleon W010-0349 Trim Pedestal 5 Ft $17.75
W010-0803 Napoleon W010-0803 Canopy Porcelain Enamel $105.99
W010-0818 Napoleon W010-0818 200 K Traditional Steel Leg Black $59.11
W010-1071 Napoleon W010-1071 Glass W/Gasket $153.56
W018-0077 Napoleon W018-0077 Brick Fibre Baffle 2-PACK Set $91.00
W020-0043 Napoleon W020-0043 Gasket Door Kit Replaced By W020-0044 $55.19
W020-0050 Napoleon W020-0050 Glass Gasket Kit $31.46
W090-0001 Napoleon W090-0001 Brick 1 1-1/4" X 4-1/2" X 9" Heavy Weight $9.08
W090-0002 Napoleon W090-0002 Brick 2 1-1/4" X 3" X 9" For Front Bottom $17.69
W090-0003 Napoleon W090-0003 Brick 3 1-1/4" X 4-1/2" X 4-1/2 $8.85
W090-0004 Napoleon W090-0004 Brick 4 1-1/4" X 4-1/2" X 9" Left $23.92
W090-0005 Napoleon W090-0005 Brick 4 1-1/4" X 4-1/2" X 9" Right $23.70
W090-0016 Napoleon W090-0016 Brick 5 1-1/4" X 2-1/2" X 4-1/2" $14.74
W090-0017 Napoleon W090-0017 Brick 6 1-1/4" X 1-1/2" X 4-1/2" $14.74
W090-0018 Napoleon W090-0018 Brick 8 1-1/4" X 2-1/4" X 9" $8.85
W090-0019 Napoleon W090-0019 Brick 9 1-1/4" X 2-1/4" X 6-1/8" $8.85
W135-0141 Napoleon W135-0141 202 Ck Ornamental Cast Iron Leg Black $77.78
W135-0141G Napoleon W135-0141G 202 Cg Ornamental Cast Iron Leg Gold $121.00
W135-0141SC Napoleon W135-0141Sc 202Css Ornamental Cast Iron Leg Satin Chrome $124.31
W135-0238 Napoleon W135-0238 Cast Ash Lip $109.69
W160-0014 Napoleon W160-0014 Spring Clip For Ash Fender $3.36
W160-0077 Napoleon W160-0077 Retainer Glass Upper $16.14
W200-0077 Napoleon W200-0077 Trivet Black Ornamental $47.88
W200-0156 Napoleon W200-0156 Ash Pan Front Cover Porcelain Enamel $51.75
W225-0040G Napoleon W225-0040G Door Frame Gold Plated $328.05
W225-0040K Napoleon W225-0040K Door Frame Black $182.81
W225-0040SC Napoleon W225-0040Sc Door Frame Satin Chrome $364.22
W225-0114G Napoleon W225-0114G Door Frame Webbed Gold Plated $378.43
W225-0114K Napoleon W225-0114K Door Frame Webbed Black $166.46
W225-0114SC Napoleon W225-0114Sc Door Frame Webbed Satin Chrome $393.93
W252-0001 Napoleon W252-0001 Epa-Rk Brass Fi $18.67
W290-0011 Napoleon W290-0011 Manifold Gasket $15.21
W320-0002 Napoleon W320-0002 Latch Door Handle $10.14
W325-0007G Napoleon W325-0007G Spring Handle Large Brass $24.64
W325-0018 Napoleon W325-0018 Handle Door $19.28
W325-0028 Napoleon W325-0028 Door Handle $12.56
W325-0033 Napoleon Fireplaces W325-0033 Spring Door Handle Large Satin Chrome Finish $24.64
W325-0042 Napoleon W325-0042 Spring Air Control Handle Small Black $9.17
W325-0043 Napoleon Fireplaces W325-0043 Spring Door Handle Large Black Finish $8.76
W385-0033 Napoleon W385-0033 Logo Napoleon $7.61
W385-0054 Napoleon W385-0054 Damper Label Hi-Low $6.34
W385-0351 Napoleon W385-0351 Logo Napoleon Die Cast $15.21
W415-0512 Napoleon W415-0512 Instruction Manual $25.50
W500-0064 Napoleon W500-0064 Fresh Air Cover Plate For Pedestal Models Only $33.96
W500-0075 Napoleon W500-0075 Retainer Glass Lower $17.75
W500-0076 Napoleon W500-0076 Brick Retainer Rear $14.74
W525-0016 Napoleon W525-0016 Rail $48.88
W545-0003 Napoleon W545-0003 Hinge Pin Door 2X Per Unit $10.14
W570-0002 Napoleon W570-0002 Brass Screw $3.36
W570-0007 Napoleon W570-0007 Screws Ash Lip Hex Head 1/4-20 X 3/8" Requires X 3 $5.07
W570-0058 Napoleon W570-0058 Screw For Manifold & Shield 1 Required Per Unit $5.07
W580-0001 Napoleon W580-0001 Brick Set Complete $294.25
W585-0031 Napoleon W585-0031 Left Side Panel Slotted Porcelain Enamel $114.08
W585-0032 Napoleon W585-0032 Right Side Panel Slotted Porcelain Enamel $114.08
W585-0157 Napoleon W585-0157 Left Side Panel Heritage Porcelain Enamel $140.40
W585-0158 Napoleon W585-0158 Right Side Panel Heritage Porcelain Enamel $140.40
W585-0212 Napoleon W585-0212 Left Side Panel Heritage Painted Black $65.81
W585-0213 Napoleon W585-0213 Right Side Panel Heritage Painted Black $65.81
W630-0004 Napoleon W630-0004 Ashwell Spring $10.14
W655-0028 Napoleon W655-0028 Tube Shield Brick Support $55.77
W715-0073 Napoleon W715-0073 Ash Fender Trim Brass 3Pc. W/ Corner Brackets $40.33
W715-0160 Napoleon W715-0160 Ash Fender Trim Brass 3Pc. W/ Corner Brackets Right $10.14
W715-0161 Napoleon W715-0161 Ash Fender Trim Brass 3Pc. W/ Corner Brackets Left $10.14
W715-0162 Napoleon W715-0162 Ash Fender Trim Brass 3Pc. W/ Corner Brackets Front $27.89
W715-0641 Napoleon W715-0641 Trim Pedestal 5 Ft Satin Chrome $17.75
W715-0643 Napoleon W715-0643 Ash Fender Trim Satin Chrome Front $27.89
W715-0644 Napoleon W715-0644 Ash Fender Trim Satin Chrome Left $12.68
W715-0645 Napoleon W715-0645 Ash Fender Trim Satin Chrome Right $12.68