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EF31-36-38 Napoleon Fireplace Parts

Part # Name / Description Price Qty
GL-637 Napoleon Gl-637 Complete Log Set Ef36 Ef38 $205.92
GL-648 Napoleon Gl-648 Complete Log Set Ef31 $205.92
W010-0936 Napoleon W010-0936 Flame Effect Assembly Ef38 $29.93
W010-1010 Napoleon W010-1010 Upper Louvre Assembly Ef36 $163.80
W010-1011 Napoleon W010-1011 Lower Louvre Assembly Ef36 $171.60
W010-1090 Napoleon W010-1090 Flame Effect Assembly Ef36 $29.93
W010-1094 Napoleon W010-1094 Louvre Assembly Ef38 $152.88
W010-1266 Napoleon W010-1266 Flame Effect Assembly Ef31 $32.07
W045-0001 Napoleon W045-0001 Nylon Bearing $12.75
W062-0019 Napoleon W062-0019 Fan/Heater Assembly Replaces W062-0016 $69.88
W135-0173 Napoleon W135-0173 Log 1 Left Ef36 Ef38 $109.20
W135-0174 Napoleon W135-0174 Log 2 Right Ef36 Ef38 $109.20
W135-0227 Napoleon W135-0227 Log 1 Right Ef31 $109.20
W135-0228 Napoleon W135-0228 Log 2 Left Ef31 $109.20
W300-0061 Napoleon W300-0061 Glass Ef38 $78.00
W300-0078 Napoleon W300-0078 Glass Ef31 $78.00
W380-0013 Napoleon W380-0013 Thermostat Knob Ef36 38 $12.75
W380-0016 Napoleon W380-0016 Thermostat Knob Ef31 $12.75
W387-0001 Napoleon W387-0001 60 Watt Light Bulb Clear $6.38
W415-0330 Napoleon W415-0330 Instruction Manual Ef38 $25.50
W415-0469 Napoleon W415-0469 Instruction Manual Ef31 $25.50
W415-0544 Napoleon W415-0544 Instruction Manual Ef36 $25.50
W435-0006 Napoleon W435-0006 Flame Effect Motor $96.64
W497-0001 Napoleon W497-0001 Plastic Diffuser Ef36 Ef38 $140.40
W497-0002 Napoleon W497-0002 Plastic Diffuser Ef31 $171.60
W565-0070 Napoleon W565-0070 Screen Ef34 2 Per Unit $32.07
W660-0022 Napoleon W660-0022 Thermostat Switch Ef38 $28.05
W660-0023 Napoleon W660-0023 Main Power Switch


W660-0024 Napoleon W660-0024 Moment Switch $20.40
W660-0040 Napoleon W660-0040 Thermostat Switch Ef31 $28.06
W750-0118 Napoleon W750-0118 Power Cord Ef36 38 $30.60