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CSVF20S Majestic Gas Vent Free Stove Parts

Part # Name / Description Price Qty
SRV00K0632 00K0632 Piezo Wire Dfs/Gfs/Tfs Dlx/Glx Dis33 $11.91
SRV14D0467 14D0467 Valve Vfree Sit Ng Millivolt 0.820.637 $220.30
SRV14D0468 14D0468 Valve Vfree Sit Lp Millivolt 0.820.636 $197.09
SRV14D0469 14D0469 Regulator Pilot Natural Gas Only $31.55
SRV14D0473 14D0473 Pilot Ods NG Vent Free Millivolt Monessen $72.20
SRV14D0477 14D0477 Vermont Castings Pilot Vent Free Lp Millivolt SRV14D0477 $52.98
26D0493 26D0493 Flex Line 30" Use 20H0022 For Dfs/ $64.99
SRV32D0232 32D0232 Switch On/Off $12.84
33D0070 33D0070 Burner Ng Dbx $68.70
33D0280 33D0280 Injector Front Ng 1/16" $13.30
33D0281 33D0281 Injector Front Lp 64 $13.30
43D0094A 43D0094A Knob On/Off Extension Csvf20 & 30 Dst30 Dss Idv Hdv Sdv $22.61
43D0095A 43D0095A Knob Hi Lo Extension Sdv Dst Csvf Dcs Dss Idv Hdv $25.39
SRV44D0500 44D0500 Wiring Harness Female/ Mv Valve Switch $17.68
44D0501 44D0501 Wiring Harness Male/ Mv Valve Remote $17.06
SRV45D0077 45D0077 Piezo Ignition Module Ng/Lp $44.83
45D0078 45D0078 Piezo Switch Ng/Lp $12.39
45D0541K 45D0541K Assembly Switch & Wiring Vf Cast $27.07
45D0546K 45D0546K Wire Harness Vf Cast Stv Servi $18.17
49D0050K 49D0050K Tube Pilot Two Piece $27.07
58D0519K 58D0519K Tube Valve/Burner $24.25
58D0523K 58D0523K Weldment Vf Small Screen $60.37
58D0525 58D0525 Log Set Csvf20 $178.31
58D0526K 58D0526K Log Front $100.73
58D0527K 58D0527K Log Rear $104.37
58D2004K 58D2004K Stub Handle Assembly $81.40
58D2020K 58D2020K Bracket Control Door Hinge $25.76
58D4041K 58D4041K Vf Small Trivet $80.58
58D4052 58D4052 Front Single Door Small Sand $176.60
58D4111K 58D4111K Ashlip Graphite $36.24
58D4112K 58D4112K Ash Lip Small Sand $90.63
58D4113K 58D4113K Ashlip Black Enamel $56.44
58D4114K 58D4114K Ash Lip Small Majolica Brown $102.67
58D4131K 58D4131K Leg Graphite $21.30
58D4132K 58D4132K Leg Small Sand Cast Stove $30.47
58D4133K 58D4133K Legs Black Enamel $18.82
58D4134K 58D4134K Legs Brown $23.67