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BV4536 Majestic Gas B Vent Fireplace Parts

Part # Name / Description Price Qty
24D0808 24D0808 Thermocouple Dvb20/24 Gdtv36 $10.95
52827 0052827 Screw 8 X 1/2" Pph Self Drill $8.33
00F0540 00F0540 Volcanic Rock 2Lb. $20.06
14D0503 14D0503 Piezo Ignitor Snap In $11.29
24D0603 24D0603 Piezo Wire 26" Wire Only Sold With Complete Pilot Assembly Not Separately


24D1117 24D1117 Rock Wool $12.37
26D0164K 26D0164K Bracket Brick Support $29.89
26D0445K 26D0445K Access Plate Cover $15.55
26D0506 26D0506 Valve Vented Sit Ng Millivolt $269.52
26D0507 26D0507 Valve Vented Sit Lp Millivolt $269.52
26D0912 26D0912 Outside Air Kit Rain Hood 7000 Bvent $23.50
32D0100 32D0100 Injector Front Ng 28 $11.83
32D0507 32D0507 Injector Main 45 $17.07
32D2113 32D2113 Log Top Right Vdy18/24 D3R $65.21
32D2114 32D2114 Log Top Middle Vdy24/18 D3R $65.21
32D2115 32D2115 Log Top Left Vdy18/24D3R $65.21
32D2116 32D2116 Log Front Right Vdy24/18D3R $65.21
32D2117 32D2117 Log Front Left Vdy24/18D3R $65.21
32D2118 32D2118 Log Rear Vdy24/18D3R $90.58
41D0003K 41D0003K Front Top Less Louvers 724Bv4536 $26.39
41D0005K 41D0005K Front Bottom 7000Bv 36" $29.31
41D0007K 41D0007K Front Sides Left 724Bv $19.82
41D0031K 41D0031K Tube Valve/Burner $22.23
41D0042K 41D0042K Front Sides Right 724Bv $19.82
41D0048 41D0048 Switch Rocker On/Off/Rs $16.29
41D0201 41D0201 Wire Harness 7000 Bvent $34.05
41D0202 41D0202 Switch Hi Temp Limit $20.63
41D0327K 41D0327K Pilot 4 Position Hood Ng $147.22
41D0328K 41D0328K Pilot 4 Position Hood Lp $110.76
41D0500K 41D0500K Burner Ng $78.75
41D2013 41D2013 Firebrick Left Side


41D2014 41D2014 Firebrick Right Side $112.59
41D2015 41D2015 Firebrick Center 36" $117.41
10001297 10001297 Electrode Igniter with Cable 24 $11.99