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BGNV40 Napoleon Fireplace Parts

Part # Name / Description Price Qty
GD837KT Napoleon Gd837Kt Bgd/Nv 40 Series Base Bricks 1 2 3 4 As Of 2007 $197.25
GL-634 Napoleon Gl-634 Obsolete Log Set Prior To Nov. 2006 $308.44
GL-656 Napoleon Gl-656 Current Log Set After Nov. 2006 $308.44
W010-0454 Napoleon W010-0454 Glass W/Gasket Main Large $315.00
W010-0516 Napoleon W010-0516 Door Main Black Frame C/W Glass & Gasket $378.94
W010-0798 Napoleon W010-0798 Complete Pilot Assembly Ng $131.63
W010-0799 Napoleon W010-0799 Complete Pilot Assembly Lp $131.63
W010-0800 Napoleon W010-0800 Pilot Assembly Sit Lp $59.27
W010-0801 Napoleon W010-0801 Pilot Assembly Sit Ng $59.27
W010-0805 Napoleon W010-0805 Louvre Hood Assembly Main $34.20
W010-0871 Napoleon W010-0871 Burner Main $328.13
W010-0873 Napoleon W010-0873 Door End Black Frame C/W Glass & Gasket


W010-1340 Napoleon W010-1340 Door Frame Only Main $196.88
W080-0264 Napoleon W080-0264 Bottom Louvre Bracket $12.75
W080-0513 Napoleon W080-0513 Blower Bracket $27.89
W135-0153 Napoleon W135-0153 Log 1 $78.00
W135-0154 Napoleon W135-0154 Log 2 $62.40
W135-0155 Napoleon W135-0155 Log 3A $42.75
W135-0156 Napoleon W135-0156 Log 3B $70.20
W135-0157 Napoleon W135-0157 Log 4 $73.40
W135-0158 Napoleon W135-0158 Log 5A $42.75
W135-0159 Napoleon W135-0159 Log 5B $70.20
W135-0284 Napoleon W135-0284 Log 1 $78.00
W135-0285 Napoleon W135-0285 Log 2 $62.40
W135-0286 Napoleon W135-0286 Log 3A $42.75
W135-0287 Napoleon W135-0287 Log 3B $70.20
W135-0288 Napoleon W135-0288 Log 4 Replaces W135-0157 $62.40
W135-0289 Napoleon W135-0289 Log 5A $42.75
W135-0290 Napoleon W135-0290 Log 5B $70.20
W175-0205 Napoleon W175-0205 Conversion Kit Natural Gas To Propane $46.85
W175-0206 Napoleon W175-0206 Conversion Kit Lp To Ng

Call for price

W225-0109 Napoleon W225-0109 Door Frame Only End $65.52
W240-0006 Napoleon W240-0006 Ceramic Electrode W/ Wire $30.42
W335-0040 Napoleon W335-0040 Pilot Hood Only Sit Top Convertible $22.95
W357-0001 Napoleon W357-0001 Ignitor Piezo $31.84
W361-0016 Napoleon W361-0016 Glowing Embers $20.28
W385-0334 Napoleon W385-0334 Logo Napoleon $15.21
W390-0002 Napoleon W390-0002 Door Latch $27.89
W415-0320 Napoleon W415-0320 Instruction Manual Replaced By W415-0813 $25.50
W455-0068 Napoleon W455-0068 Orifice Pilot 30 Sit Lp Top Convertible $17.75
W455-0070 Napoleon W455-0070 Orifice Pilot 51 Sit Ng Top Convertible $17.75
W455-0072 Napoleon W455-0072 Orifice Burner 39 Ng $17.85
W475-0511 Napoleon W475-0511 Base Brick 2 $64.13
W475-0512 Napoleon W475-0512 Base Brick 1 $64.13
W475-0513 Napoleon W475-0513 Base Brick 3 $64.13
W475-0515 Napoleon W475-0515 Base Brick 4 $64.13
W475-0516 Napoleon W475-0516 Decorative Brick Panel End $118.35
W475-0517 Napoleon W475-0517 Decorative Brick Panel Side $99.15
W500-0192 Napoleon W500-0192 Retainer Bracket End $12.75
W500-0193 Napoleon W500-0193 Retainer Bracket Side $12.75
W550-0001 Napoleon W550-0001 Embers Charcoal Phazer $38.21
W562-0009 Napoleon W562-0009 Gasket $53.07
W565-0029 Napoleon W565-0029 Hinge Screen Side $49.84
W565-0054 Napoleon W565-0054 Hinge Screen End $22.95
W570-0062 Napoleon W570-0062 Door/Hinge Screw Replaced By W570-0084 $1.07
W660-0007 Napoleon W660-0007 Spill Switch $56.96
W660-0021 Napoleon W660-0021 Vent Safety Switch $62.10
W680-0004 Napoleon W680-0004 Thermopile $34.73
W680-0005 Napoleon W680-0005 Thermocouple $37.79
W720-0062 Napoleon W720-0062 Pilot Tube W/Fittings Sit $22.82
W725-0025 Napoleon W725-0025 Valve Sit Nova-Ng 0.820.652 $199.35
W725-0026 Napoleon W725-0026 Valve Sit Nova-Lp 0.820.651 $199.35
W750-0112 Napoleon W750-0112 Wire 20 Feet For On/Off Switch Thermostat $31.84