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BGD36CFG Crystallo Napoleon Fireplace Parts

Part # Name / Description Price Qty
W010-0454 Napoleon W010-0454 Glass W/Gasket Main Large $315.00
W010-0516 Napoleon W010-0516 Door Main Black Frame C/W Glass & Gasket $378.94
W010-0538 Napoleon W010-0538 Flue Cap 7" C/W Gasket $44.58
W010-0539 Napoleon W010-0539 Reversible 4" Flue Pipe Assembly $55.58
W010-1340 Napoleon W010-1340 Door Frame Only Main $196.88
W010-1409 Napoleon W010-1409 Flush Front Assembly $262.50
W010-1469 Napoleon W010-1469 Valve Access Door $62.40
W010-1684 Napoleon W010-1684 Pilot Assembly Pse-Electronic Ng


W010-1777 Napoleon W010-1777 Additional Firestop For Vent Sleeve Assembly $38.00
W060-0008 Napoleon W060-0008 Terminal Block For Light Harness $18.07
W100-0112 Napoleon W100-0112 Burner Tube Ng/Lp $131.63
W175-0278 Napoleon W175-0278 Conversion Kit Sit Nova Ng To Lp $60.00
W175-0279 Napoleon W175-0279 Conversion Kit Sit Nova Lp To Ng $31.86
W190-0015 Napoleon W190-0015 Control Module Electonic Ignition REPLACED BY W190-0022 $125.85
W190-0021 Napoleon W190-0021 Control Relay REPLACED BY W190-0044 & W750-0250 $51.30
W290-0037 Napoleon W290-0037 Gasket Flue Pipe Assembly $19.13
W300-0102 Napoleon W300-0102 Glass Embers Clear $52.46
W350-0342 Napoleon W350-0342 Battery Housing Electronic Ignition $46.70
W380-0021 Napoleon W380-0021 Knob Extension Dexen Hi/Low $12.68
W385-0334 Napoleon W385-0334 Logo Napoleon $15.21
W387-0009 Napoleon W387-0009 Bulb 5W Light Assembly $32.07
W387-0010 Napoleon W387-0010 High Temperature Light Assembly $58.65
W415-0566 Napoleon W415-0566 Instruction Manual $25.50
W455-0047 Napoleon W455-0047 Orifice Burner 56 Lp Front (REPLACED BY NEP-W456-0056) $17.85
W455-0048 Napoleon W455-0048 Orifice Burner 47 Ng $17.87
W455-0091 Napoleon W455-0091 Orifice Pilot Injector Ng $17.75
W455-0092 Napoleon W455-0092 Orifice Pilot Injector Lp $17.75
W562-0009 Napoleon W562-0009 Gasket $53.07
W565-0099 Napoleon W565-0099 Screen Burner Front $87.75
W565-0100 Napoleon W565-0100 Screen Burner Rear $87.75
W570-0062 Napoleon W570-0062 Door/Hinge Screw Replaced By W570-0084 $1.07
W660-0009 Napoleon W660-0009 Switch On/Off Rocker $22.82
W707-0002 Napoleon W707-0002 Transformer 3V For Ei $67.28
W707-0006 Napoleon W707-0006 Night Light Transformer 12Vac $61.06
W715-0726 Napoleon W715-0726 Top Door Trim $73.13
W725-0032 Napoleon W725-0032 Valve Dexen Ng $202.20
W725-0046 Napoleon W725-0046 Gas Ball Valve $23.33
W725-0049 Napoleon W725-0049 Valve Dexen Lp $202.20
W750-0168 Napoleon W750-0168 Wire Harness Electronic Ignition $62.10
W750-0185 Napoleon W750-0185 Light Wiring Harness $46.76
W750-0193 Napoleon W750-0193 Wire 20" For Burner On/Off $59.87
W750-0194 Napoleon W750-0194 Wire 20 For Light On/Off $33.14