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400DVBL Majestic Gas Direct Vent Fireplace Parts

Part # Name / Description Price Qty
24D0808 24D0808 Thermocouple Dvb20/24 Gdtv36 $10.95
26D0619 26D0619 Power Cord For Blower $31.50
26D0746 26D0746 Rheostat Dis33 Idv380 Idv490 $42.81
52827 0052827 Screw 8 X 1/2" Pph Self Drill $8.33
14D0503 14D0503 Piezo Ignitor Snap In $11.29
20H3147 20H3147 Injector 2.5 Mm $12.37
26D0164K 26D0164K Bracket Brick Support $29.89
26D0566 26D0566 Thermopile 750MV $26.95
26D0665 26D0665 Tube Pilot Bdv $19.80
26D2128 26D2128 Junction Box Assembly $28.53
26D3320K 26D3320K Bracket Snap Disc Bracket $10.22
33D5039 33D5039 Injector 1/16" $16.29
37D0010 37D0010 Knob Ext On/Off Dnf Dys Dfs Dis33 Cdv 6000 $11.83
37D0011 37D0011 Knob Ext Hi/Lo Dis33G Mcfs36 Csvf Dcs Bdv & C Cdv & 6000 $11.83
37D0018K 37D0018K Pilot Vented Sit Ng Millivolt $74.85
37D0019K 37D0019K Pilot Vented Sit Lp Millivolt $74.85
37D0117 37D0117 Valve Vented Sit Ng Millivolt 0.820.652 $169.56
37D0118 37D0118 Valve Vented Sit Lp Millivolt 0.820.651 $175.54
400DVBLPVK 400Dvblpvk 400Dvblpv Engine Kit Service $422.25
41D0048 41D0048 Switch Rocker On/Off/Rs $16.29
41D0203 41D0203 Wire Switch To Valve Double $30.01
42D0204 42D0204 Gasket 6 Pipe Adaptor $11.63
42D0310 42D0310 Pipe Outer Adapter 624Dv $36.75
44D0500 44D0500 Wiring Harness Female/ Mv Valve Switch $16.29
44D0501 44D0501 Wiring Harness Male/ Mv Valve Remote $16.29
45D0551K 45D0551K Restrictor Disc 624Dv $17.91
49D0130 49D0130 Blower Tstat Disc Blohh $30.01
54D0691K 54D0691K Wire Wall Switch Assembly Bdv/Dvb $60.21
54D0692K 54D0692K Glass Latch Assembly $13.96
54D0693K 54D0693K Venturi/Gasket/Screws Assembly $20.02
56D2162K 56D2162K Blower Motor Jakel J238 11280 Replaced By 56D2196K $104.77
69D0030 69D0030 Flexline W/Shutoff Valve 18" $44.84
69D0081 69D0081 Gasket Exhaust Pipe Assembly Cdv33/36 $13.95
69D0108 69D0108 Pipe Exhaust Assembly 400Dvbl $50.35
69D0109 69D0109 Inlet Pipe Assembly Cdv36 Bldv $67.62
74D0006 74D0006 Gasket Blowout $11.63
74D0038TK 74D0038Tk Bottom Access Panel Bldv400 $23.98
74D0049K 74D0049K Valve/Burner Tube Bldv $22.23
74D0052K 74D0052K Hearth Brick Black Bldv400 $201.43
74D0059 74D0059 Log 1 400Bldv $94.29
74D0060 74D0060 Log 2 400Dvbl $35.99
74D0061 74D0061 Log 3 400Dvbl $35.99
74D0062K 74D0062K Log 4 400Bldv Service $63.58
74D0063 74D0063 Log 5 400Dvbl $65.34
74D0064 74D0064 Log 6 400Dvbl $13.26
74D0081K 74D0081K Firebrick Front Bldv400 $95.53
74D0083K 74D0083K Cottage Red Firebrick Right Side Bldv $61.28
74D0084K 74D0084K Cottage Red Firebrick Left Side Bldv $63.18
74D0085K 74D0085K Cottage Red Firebrick Center Bldv $87.55
74D0086K 74D0086K Cottage Red Firebrick Hearth Bldv $111.28
74D0088TK 74D0088Tk Face Assembly Bldv400 $100.62
74D0096TK 74D0096Tk Temper Glass Door Kit Bldv400 $268.79
74D0098K 74D0098K Burner Bldv $68.08
74D0106 74D0106 Log Set 400Dvbl $218.53
80D0001 80D0001 Valve Ng Scs $74.00
80D0002 80D0002 Valve Lp Scs $74.00
80D0005 80D0005 Switch Box Scs $34.83
80D0006 80D0006 Pilot Ng Assembly Scs $59.65
80D0007 80D0007 Pilot Lp Assembly Scs $79.65
80D0008 80D0008 Wire Switch Box/Control Box $16.29
80D0009 80D0009 Wire Ac Box Scs $11.83
80D0010 80D0010 Wire Valve/Control Scs $8.34
80D0018 80D0018 Control Box Ng $106.36
80D0019 80D0019 Control Box Lp Scs $107.87
74D0604K 74D0604K Tube 5/16 Bldv400Sc Vlv Burner $13.45
10001297 10001297 Electrode Igniter with Cable 24 $11.99
74D0089 74D0089 Assembly Welded Grate Bldv400 $47.49
74D0078K 74D0078K Firebrick Right Bldv400 $101.12
74D0079K 74D0079K Firebrick Left Bldv400 $101.12
FBBLDV400CR FBBLDV400CR Monessen Firebrick Kit