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NZ3000 Napoleon Stove Parts

Part # Name / Description Price Qty
KB-35 Napoleon Kb-35 Variable Speed Switch $47.85
W010-1772 Napoleon W010-1772 Door Frame Wrought Iron Right Side $371.25
W010-1773 Napoleon W010-1773 Door Frame Wrought Iron Left Side $369.47
W010-1775 Napoleon W010-1775 Door Wrought Iron Complete Assembly Right Side $769.69
W010-1776 Napoleon W010-1776 Door Wrought Iron Complete Assembly Left Side $769.69
W010-1779 Napoleon W010-1779 Air Control Assembly Box $155.93
W010-1845 Napoleon W010-1845 Rod Assembly Door Linkage $41.25
W010-1896 Napoleon W010-1896 Primary Air Tube Assembly $61.71
W010-1933 Napoleon W010-1933 Glass W/Gasket 1Pc Left Or Right $318.04
W010-1974 Napoleon W010-1974 Secondary Air Manifold $538.78
W018-0116 Napoleon W018-0116 Baffle Brick 2 Pc Required $59.82
W062-0018 Napoleon W062-0018 Blower Replacement $412.34
W090-0146 Napoleon W090-0146 Brick Front Left $103.46
W090-0147 Napoleon W090-0147 Brick Front Side Left Or Right $103.46
W090-0148 Napoleon W090-0148 Brick Side $90.75
W090-0149 Napoleon W090-0149 Brick Rear $181.50
W090-0150 Napoleon W090-0150 Brick Base Left Side $72.60
W090-0151 Napoleon W090-0151 Brick Base Right Side $72.60
W090-0156 Napoleon W090-0156 Brick Front Right $57.75
W170-0099 Napoleon W170-0099 Blower Mounting Collar $41.25
W250-0005 Napoleon W250-0005 Blower Filter $59.57
W290-0092 Napoleon W290-0092 Vibration Pad $12.38
W290-0141 Napoleon W290-0141 Air Wash Gasket $17.33
W290-0142 Napoleon W290-0142 Gasket Secondary Air Manifold $4.95
W290-0148 Napoleon W290-0148 Gasket Chimney Mounting Plate $37.13
W305-0007 Napoleon W305-0007 Grill $59.57
W325-0029K Napoleon W325-0029K Handle Door $100.98
W325-0031 Napoleon W325-0031 Shaft Door Handle Pin $45.38
W325-0048 Napoleon W325-0048 Primary Air Control Arm $7.43
W325-0049 Napoleon W325-0049 Shaft Door Handle Left Pin $45.38
W330-0067 Napoleon W330-0067 Hinge Female $14.85
W361-0082 Napoleon W361-0082 Baffle Blanket $30.94
W380-0002 Napoleon W380-0002 Knob $4.95
W380-0017 Napoleon W380-0017 Knob Air Control $45.38
W385-0334 Napoleon W385-0334 Logo Napoleon $14.85
W390-0014 Napoleon W390-0014 Latch Door Handle $9.90
W415-0711 Napoleon W415-0711 Instruction Manual $24.75
W450-0022 Napoleon W450-0022 Nut Hex Door Handle Shaft $3.30
W450-0028 Napoleon W450-0028 Nut Hex Brass For Secondary Air Manifold $4.95
W500-0376 Napoleon W500-0376 Secondary Air Tube Retainer 1 Per Air Tube $4.95
W500-0382 Napoleon W500-0382 Blower Air Cover Plate $24.75
W500-0428 Napoleon W500-0428 Finishing Template $161.29
W562-0007 Napoleon W562-0007 Glass Gasket SOLD PER FOOT $22.05
W562-0049 Napoleon W562-0049 Door Gasket Perimeter $45.38
W562-0050 Napoleon W562-0050 Door Gasket Centre $18.57
W570-0007 Napoleon W570-0007 Screws Ash Lip Hex Head 1/4-20 X 3/8" Requires X 3 $4.95
W570-0049 Napoleon W570-0049 Screws Front Arched Panel 10-24 X 3/8" Requires X 9 $1.06
W570-0058 Napoleon W570-0058 Screw For Manifold & Shield 1 Required Per Unit $4.95
W570-0095K Napoleon W570-0095K Faceplate Screws 12 Required Per Faceplate $1.98
W585-0186 Napoleon W585-0186 Ember Strip $12.38
W585-0245 Napoleon W585-0245 Air Wash Shield $54.86
W615-0066 Napoleon W615-0066 Door Handle Spacer $4.95
W615-0109 Napoleon W615-0109 Door Handle Roller $3.30
W660-0043 Napoleon W660-0043 Switch Door $81.35
W660-0065 Napoleon W660-0065 Heat Sensor $49.50
W660-0079 Napoleon W660-0079 Micro Switch Blower Cut Off Air Control $63.11
W710-0024 Napoleon W710-0024 Ash Lip $27.23
W715-0735W Napoleon W715-0735W Arched Wrought Iron Faceplate $930.20
W715-0773 Napoleon W715-0773 Andirons 2 Per Unit $56.10
W715-0775W Napoleon W715-0775W Upper Grill $384.85
W715-0776W Napoleon W715-0776W Lower Grill $231.00
W720-0099 Napoleon W720-0099 Secondary Air Tube Lower Note 4 Per Manifold $49.50
W720-0126 Napoleon W720-0126 Secondary Air Tube Upper Note 1 Per Manifold $41.25
W735-0018 Napoleon W735-0018 Washer 3/8" Slit Lock $1.06
W735-0030 Napoleon W735-0030 Washer-Flat $1.65
W750-0199 Napoleon W750-0199 Wire Harness For Blower And Micro Switches $48.68