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GDS28 Napoleon Stove Parts

Part # Name / Description Price Qty
GL-620 Napoleon Gl-620 Complete Log Set $223.99
GZ552 Napoleon Gz552 Blower After Serial Wh 030499 $161.70
KB-35 Napoleon Kb-35 Variable Speed Switch $47.85
W010-0575 Napoleon W010-0575 Pilot Assembly Pse Lp Before Sn: 001354. $99.00
W010-0586 Napoleon W010-0586 Pilot Tube W/Fittings Pse $22.89
W010-0636 Napoleon W010-0636 Pilot Assembly Pse Ng Before Sn: 001354. $108.79
W010-0865 Napoleon W010-0865 Ember Screen $49.50
W030-0022G Napoleon W030-0022G Accent Bar Gold $54.45
W030-0022SC Napoleon W030-0022Sc Accent Bar Satin Chrome $54.45
W060-0003 Napoleon W060-0003 Terminal Block Gs50 0Nly $28.88
W100-0056 Napoleon W100-0056 Burner $95.04
W135-0058 Napoleon W135-0058 Log Front $74.25
W135-0059 Napoleon W135-0059 Log Back $74.25
W135-0060 Napoleon W135-0060 Log Left $54.66
W135-0061 Napoleon W135-0061 Log Right "Y" $54.66
W175-0124 Napoleon W175-0124 Conversion Kit Ng Lp Pse Pilot $61.63
W175-0125 Napoleon W175-0125 Conversion Kit Lp Ng Pse Pilot $34.65
W175-0126 Napoleon W175-0126 Conversion Kit Lp Ng B-Vent Models Before Serial 000656 $34.65
W225-0068 Napoleon W225-0068 Side Door Panel Black Left Or Right $72.77
W225-0073 Napoleon W225-0073 Control Door $49.50
W225-0195 Napoleon W225-0195 Door Frame Black $231.00
W225-0195G Napoleon W225-0195G Door Frame Gold $369.47
W225-0195SC Napoleon W225-0195Sc Door Frame Satin Chrome $369.47
W240-0006 Napoleon W240-0006 Ceramic Electrode W/ Wire $29.70
W290-0029 Napoleon W290-0029 Gasket Pilot $7.43
W290-0043 Napoleon W290-0043 Gasket Burner $27.23
W290-0044 Napoleon W290-0044 Gasket Spill Switch Wire Access $7.43
W290-0045 Napoleon W290-0045 Gasket Blower Access Required If Changing Or Servicing Blower $27.23
W300-0037 Napoleon W300-0037 Glass Right Or Left $84.15
W300-0038 Napoleon W300-0038 Glass Front $181.34
W330-0014 Napoleon W330-0014 Control Door Hinge $14.85
W357-0001 Napoleon W357-0001 Ignitor Piezo $30.94
W361-0016 Napoleon W361-0016 Glowing Embers $19.80
W380-0002 Napoleon W380-0002 Knob $4.95
W385-0334 Napoleon W385-0334 Logo Napoleon $14.85
W390-0002 Napoleon W390-0002 Door Latch $27.23
W415-0153 Napoleon W415-0153 Installation Manual Gds28 $24.75
W430-0002 Napoleon W430-0002 Magnetic Door Catch $19.80
W455-0003 Napoleon W455-0003 Orifice Burner 54-Lp $17.33
W455-0011 Napoleon W455-0011 Orifice Main Burner Ng 40 B-Vent Before Sn: 000656 $17.33
W455-0026 Napoleon W455-0026 Orifice Burner Ng 38 REPLACED BY W456-0038 $17.33
W455-0052 Napoleon W455-0052 Orifice Pilot Lp Pse $17.33
W455-0062 Napoleon W455-0062 Orifice Pilot Ng Pse $17.33
W475-0188 Napoleon W475-0188 Control Panel $29.70
W562-0022 Napoleon W562-0022 Gasket Glass Must Replace If Dismantling Glass Assembly $51.57
W660-0007 Napoleon W660-0007 Spill Switch $54.86
W660-0009 Napoleon W660-0009 Switch On/Off Rocker $22.28
W680-0004 Napoleon W680-0004 Thermopile $32.63
W680-0008 Napoleon W680-0008 Thermocouple Pse $44.55
W690-0002 Napoleon W690-0002 Heat Sensor Blower $46.20
W715-0195 Napoleon W715-0195 Trim Pedestal Gold $26.61
W725-0042 Napoleon W725-0042 Valve Sit Ng 0.820.708 $168.30
W725-0043 Napoleon W725-0043 Valve Sit Nova-Lp 0.820.707 $168.30
W750-0076 Napoleon W750-0076 On/Off Wires 38" $29.70
W750-0152 Napoleon W750-0152 Power Cord 7Ft. $64.52