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500DVW-TSC Majestic Gas Direct Vent Fireplace Parts

Part # Name / Description Price Qty
26D2128 26D2128 Junction Box Assembly $25.17
56D3027K 56D3027K Restrictor Disc 5" $17.77
59D0062 59D0062 Injector Rear 44 $16.29
69D0030 69D0030 Flexline W/Shutoff Valve 18" $44.84
69D0226 69D0226 Injector 1.28Mm $16.29
69D1026 69D1026 Venturi Form 1.00 O.D. $11.83
69D1027 69D1027 Air Shutter $8.34
73D4521K 73D4521K Bulb Socket $12.54
78D0027K 78D0027K Glass Frame Assembly $549.36
78D0033K 78D0033K Burner Assembly $29.52
78D0040K 78D0040K Panel Access Door $38.10
78D0090K 78D0090K Tube Tee To Venturi $8.34
78D0091K 78D0091K To Tee To Valve $13.19
78D0122K 78D0122K White Stone 1 $8.34
78D0123K 78D0123K Light Grey Stone 2 $8.34
78D0124K 78D0124K Dark Grey Stone 3 $8.34
78D0125K 78D0125K Brown Stone 4 $8.34
78D0126K 78D0126K Sand Stone 5 $8.34
78D0127K 78D0127K Tan Stone 6 $8.34
80D0001 80D0001 Valve Ng Scs $72.32
80D0002 80D0002 Valve Lp Scs $72.32
80D0005 80D0005 Switch Box Scs $34.83
80D0006 80D0006 Pilot Ng Assembly Scs $57.97
80D0007 80D0007 Pilot Lp Assembly Scs $57.97
80D0008 80D0008 Wire Switch Box/Control Box $16.29
80D0009 80D0009 Wire Ac Box Scs $11.83
80D0010 80D0010 Wire Valve/Control Scs $8.34
80D0018 80D0018 Control Box Ng $103.84
80D0019 80D0019 Control Box Lp Scs $105.35


78D0007 78D0007 Bulb $11.63